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Abstrys.com is the personal site of Eron Hennessey.

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Who's Eron?

By day, I work as a Programmer/Writer at Amazon.com for Amazon Web Services (AWS). I've been working in the tech industry since the mid 1990s, beginning at Microsoft in the Advanced Technology Group, and later moving through the DirectX, Direct Video and Xbox 360 groups. Interspersed with my time at Microsoft, I also worked for Chromium Communications as a network and language technology programmer, and at Surreal Software as a game programmer on Fellowship of the Ring and The Suffering. There's so much to get involved with here in the Pacific Northwest!

As you may have noticed from the preceding description, my professional life has been spent in the programming and writing trades (and in the combination of the two). If you inquire politely, I can write something for you, too. :)

On a personal note

In addition to these pursuits, I practice and teach martial arts, dance, play cello, spend plenty of time in the forest, and involve myself in other activities that inspire within me a deep appreciation for life and its experience.

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How to contact me

I can be contacted by email at eron@abstrys.com.