Installing Docker on Fedora 29

The instructions for installing Docker on the official website for Fedora are somewhat confusing and resulted in a broken Docker installation for me.

Here is an attempt at both simplifying and clarifying the steps (for Fedora 29).

Install docker

  1. Install Docker with dnf:

    sudo dnf install docker
  2. Add yourself as a docker user:

    sudo groupadd docker
    sudo usermod -ag docker $USER


    To confirm that this worked, use the following command:

    cat /etc/group | grep docker
  3. Log out of the current session, then login again.

That's it!

Start docker

To start the docker daemon, run:

sudo systemctl start docker

Confirm that everything is working:

docker run hello-world


You shouldn't need to run sudo for this since you previously added yourself to the docker group.

Start docker at boot

Run this line:

sudo systemctl enable docker

Disable docker at boot

Run this line:

sudo systemctl disable docker