My daily ride is a 2008 Yamaha XV1900 Roadliner "Midnight":


A torquey beast, I've no problem with hilly Seattle terrain, or blasting along on the freeway and cruising over country roads on longer-distance rides—the comfort-ease of my stance on the bike and its smooth power delivery renders me a grinning idiot nearly everywhere I go on it.

The hard bags on the bike are actually Pelican cases that I attached to easy-brackets made specifically for Roadliners. A pretty easy setup that gives me storage that's impervious to rain or whatever else nature (or the road) throws at me. I skidded out on the original Pelicans that I put on, which actually took most of the damage, leaving the rest of the bike nearly untouched. The cases ended up with some unsightly scrapes and the brackets were bent out of shape, but all that mattered on the bike, including me, was not harmed.

So... I replaced those cases with a new set of Pelicans! Here's my post-wipeout photo, after the new cases (and a good wash):