Hell O' Cattie

The first motorcycle I bought is a 2001 Suzuki VZ800 "Marauder". The Marauder line was introduced in 1997, and remained in production until 2005, when it was replaced by the Boulevard M50 line (which borrows heavily from the Marauder's style).

While we're on the subject of style, here are a couple of recent pictures of the bike. These were taken in July of 2014:

_images/2001-suzuki-marauder-stock-1-20140717.jpg _images/2001-suzuki-marauder-stock-2-20140717.jpg

Nice eh? Well, I like it. ;)

This bike is a pleasure to rideā€”it's not overly heavy, it is quick and feels remarkably agile in spite of its somewhat laid-back attitude. Cornering is tight and easy, and Seattle's occasionally steep hills are no problem at all. That sissy bar is perfect for strapping my cello (and other objects that don't fit in the bags) to for a quick run to a lesson.


At this time, the bike is pretty stock. The only modification I've made so far is to remove the raised plastic decals on the fuel tank, which I found to be a bit... cheesy. Here's a photo of a stock Marauder fuel tank with the plastic bits affixed, so you can decide for yourself:


Raised "chrome" plastic bits on a Marauder's fuel tank

However, time will tell... When I do modify the bike in earnest, I'll keep a log of the changes here.

Marauder Resources

If you are the owner of one of these fine bikes, you will find these links handy:

  • Marauder Intruder Group --- An internet-based group designed for Suzuki Marauder and Intruder riders. In addition to hosting an excellent forum, they also have a variety of how-to guides, tips, and even organize rides together.

  • Mocc's Place --- The website of Moccasin Mike, who rides a 1999 Suzuki LC 1500 and also hosts a great amount of valuable material for modifying Suzuki Intruders, Marauders and Boulevard models.

  • 'Rauder info --- A site with links to information about the Suzuki Marauder, including service manuals and other useful tidbits.

  • Suzuki800.com --- UK-based forums that provide loads of information for riders of Suzuki 800cc bikes (Intruder/Marauder/etc.).

  • Gearing Commander --- If you're interested in changing your bike's gearing, be sure to have a look here. It's a calculator that provides information about RPM, top speed, and chain geometry changes when you change the front/rear sprocket ratio.

  • Refined Cycle --- A customization shop with lots of chrome goodies for VZ800s and other metric cruisers.

  • Spacer Jim's --- Spacer Jim has a lot of stuff for Marauders, including jet kits designed for the motorcycle, spacers for your handlebars and light bars and information about bike modification and maintenance.