I ride nearly every day in the Seattle area on a beautiful 2008 Yamaha Roadliner Midnight, and previously, a 2001 Suzuki Marauder. Both are metric cruisers well-suited to metropolitan riding and country riding alike.

I truly enjoy the experience of riding. It gets me around at a good clip but also allows me to stay in contact with the world while doing so—not separated from it, enclosed within a cage of steel and glass. I work all day in a cage of concrete, steel and glass anyway... Traveling openly is both rich in sensory content and personable, and I find myself taking particular notice of, and feel more connected to, other people on the road. There's a sense of community, of being there that is just not the same when I'm in a car.

Also, one must be present and aware while riding, and there's not ever a though of engaging in distractions as 4-wheeled drivers are apt to. On a motorcycle, there's so much to do, so much to see, so much to take in... well, that and you need both hands and feet free to operate the bike! You must become naturally more aware of, alert to, and involved in what's going on around you. It agrees well with my nature as a martial artist, as a string player, and as an engaged creature of the planet.

In this part of the site, I'll provide information about my bike, learning to ride, and anything else that I think of along the way.