Using The GIMP

The Gnu Image Manipulation Program ("The GIMP") is a superb tool for creating image files used in games. I find the following plugins useful:

  • SpriteSheet.scm -- Generate a sprite sheet (for animated sprites) from a set of layers.

Crazy uses of GIMP

Some of the ways I use GIMP are, admittedly, a little crazy. If you're crazy too, you may find these useful. :P

Picking colors from anywhere

Sometimes I want to pick colors from anything I can see on my screen, or in life. While there are programs, such as Gpick, that can make this easier, I often fall back to GIMP, since this method works on any platform, and even with digital photos I take on my phone or camera:

  1. Take a screenshot or photo using whatever native mechanism your platform supports (this works on mobile phones, tablets, too!).

  2. Open the file in GIMP.

  3. Use GIMP's Color Picker Tool to pick a color from the image.


    You can use magnification to zoom in on any portion of the image to make it easier to pick from.

Done. I know, this seems so obvious now, huh?